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  • offeringplates

    Why We Threw Out the Offering Plates

    This Summer I have shared how Coffee Creek Church is¬†intentional in the process of removing obstacles between people and God. We actively re-think how we do nearly everything as a church on a regular basis. It was no accident when we threw out the offering plate. The offering is one […]

  • student ministry

    Did the pastor really just say we’re never going to have a youth group?

    In short, yes. Some of what you’re about to read may hurt your feelings or conflict with long held beliefs. If that’s the case, I truly apologize. Know that where we’re going at Coffee Creek is not perfect and is certainly not to say “this is the way everyone should […]

  • 10yearplangfx

    Our plan to change the world for good

    What is your plan to change the world for good in the next 10 years? You may protest, “That’s a pastor question – I’m not boring like you Clark, I don’t sit around and think about stuff like that all day.” Fair enough, but I would challenge you that 10 […]

  • FAQ blog

    What bible should I read?

    Commonly I get the question, “Which bible translation is best?” or “Which bible should I read that makes sense but is still accurate?” At Coffee Creek Church – personal devotional study of the Bible is essential to our discipleship and spiritual growth plan. I’ve had several decades now to study […]

  • greatestaccomplishment

    Your Greatest Accomplishment

    “What is a catalyst, dad? And why do you have to go so far away every year” my son questioned me recently. We found the dictionary definition: catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action Unfortunately the dictionary did not satisfy his curiosity. So I put it […]