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  • keep outsiders out

    How to keep outsiders out

    “We should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” -Acts 15:19 NIV As I prepared to teach on Acts 15, this verse kept floating back to the top of my mind. So I thought about it. Re-read it. Meditated on it. Prayed about it. And […]

  • Good Dad Bad Dad

    Good Dad, Bad Dad: Why I believe God is not angry with you

    Recently I taught that God is not angry with us – his children. That God is not some kind of monster wanting to satisfy his anger against His creation. I taught the John 8 text where the account of a woman about to be punished to death by being pummeled […]

  • offeringplates

    Why We Threw Out the Offering Plates

    This Summer I have shared how Coffee Creek Church isĀ intentional in the process of removing obstacles between people and God. We actively re-think how we do nearly everything as a church on a regular basis. It was no accident when we threw out the offering plate. The offering is one […]

  • student ministry

    Did the pastor really just say we’re never going to have a youth group?

    In short, yes. Some of what you’re about to read may hurt your feelings or conflict with long held beliefs. If that’s the case, I truly apologize. Know that where we’re going at Coffee Creek is not perfect and is certainly not to say “this is the way everyone should […]

  • 10yearplangfx

    Our plan to change the world for good

    What is your plan to change the world for good in the next 10 years? You may protest, “That’s a pastor question – I’m not boring like you Clark, I don’t sit around and think about stuff like that all day.” Fair enough, but I would challenge you that 10 […]